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viuho exists because we want to help you. If you want to get your viuhoGEO device and activate one of our packs, we recommend that you read the FAQs carefully. We hope you find the answers to enjoy your experience even more.

viuho complements the current security and communication systems because it reaches those niche markets whose needs are not currently covered. Specifically, it offers solutions for sailors and ship owners.

In addition to issuing an SOS and giving a position, viuho is a bidirectional communication system that allows receiving confirmation of the activation of the rescue by the emergency services. In addition, you can have a conversation via chat with these services, with a doctor if necessary, and with your trusted groups and contacts. If you want to know more, check all the features of our services at

What differentiates us is our bidirectional emergency management service, with the possibility of rescue and medical assistance 24/7, including your position, medical profile and contacts. A team of highly qualified professionals, at the head of an intelligent management system, viuhoEYE, just for you.

Additionally, through the viuhoGEO device, we make available to all mariners the technology of satellite communication by messages at a price much lower than that of satellite telephony.

The viuhoGEO device acts as a modem, connecting your smartphone to the Inmarsat satellite network. Therefore, it is possible to send and receive messages of up to 140 characters anywhere, regardless of the coverage of your smartphone.

The high capacity battery and the use of low consumption internal components, with 100% battery charge and a standard use, offer up to 100 hours of autonomy.

The bidirectional emergency management service, for rescue operations and medical assistance 24/7. Your position, medical profile and contacts are included. We put at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals, leading an intelligent management system, viuhoEYE.

In addition, viuhoGEO takes advantage of all the features offered by the technology of your own smartphone through the viuhoCONNECT application. So, in the simplest way, you enjoy the communication needs in the marine environment, being this way the “Whatsapp of the sea”.

Anywhere in the world, we add. viuho is designed to go where you want to go. IsatData Pro by Inmarsat® is a communication service based on geostationary satellites. For this reason, the viuho’s technology associated with Inmarsat is the most intelligent and accessible solution in the market that gives you global coverage. Check how this communication service works at

Viuho puts different packs at your disposal for an intensive, frequent or sporadic use. Simply choose yours depending on the type of viuher you are.

You can activate the ideal pack for you directly through the free application viuhoCONNECT. If you want to know more about all viuho packs and their prices visit

On our website, directly accessing

Always connected, always safe.

viuhoGEO device
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As many messages as you want. No monthly fee.
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