No matter where you are. viuho is the power of the satellite connection within your reach. A revolutionary system with which you will always be connected and safe.

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Always safe

The personal device viuhoGEO helps you when you most need it. At last you will be connected via satellite from anywhere in the world.

Always connected

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is easier than ever with the viuhoCONNECT app. No matter where you are, communicate, share and easily approach them through your own smartphone.

viuho: easy, intuitive use.

Link your smartphone to viuhoGEO and get coverage for the viuhoCONNECT app

As easy as that, you now have the power of a satellite communicator. Wherever you are, with viuho, you are connected.

If you choose viuho, all are advantages:

  • Emergency

    In case of emergency, press the SOS button and viuho will take care of everything.

  • Rescue and medical

    Personal rescue coverage and medical assistance available worldwide.

  • Medical assistance 24/7

    In case of emergency you can contact a doctor through your own smartphone.

  • Message communication

    You can receive and send text messages through your own smartphone.

  • Location track

    Your position is communicated automatically and you can share it through your own smartphone.

Always connected, always safe.

viuhoGEO device
995 (VAT included)

As many messages as you want. No monthly fee.
0,90 (VAT included)